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Gravicon DK is a newly established company focused on providing services and independent consulting in the use of BIM and open standards to the Danish construction sector. Behind the establishment of Gravicon DK are civil engineer, Ph.D. Jan Karlshøj, architect Bengt Kalderén M.A.A., and Gravicon Oy Finland.

Initially we will offer checks of 3D BIM models as a service that will enable companies to check their models before they are shared with others or when BIM models for several disciplines are brought together. The quality assessment of BIM models is essential, as extracts from the models can be used in many contexts.

Gravicon DK wishes to promote the use of BIM and data communications via open standards such as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC). Gravicon DK is independent of software vendors and focuses on the users to utilise existing data to the best possible extent with their favourite program.

"Finland has a long tradition of advanced use of BIM in practice, and we are therefore pleased that Gravicon Finland is co-founder of Gravicon DK. We have direct access to the Finnish experience that we can utilise when finding solutions for Danish projects." says Bengt and Jan unanimously.