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Model checking

Gravicon DK offers the checking of BIM models combined with a subsequent error correction process. The actual model checking is performed with Solibri Model Checker, which besides ordinary collision control can perform a series of checks which improves the quality of the model. After checking, the customer receives a report of the recorded errors and an offer from Gravicon DK to coordinate the error recovery process.

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IFC consultancy

Gravicon DK offers consultancy in the use of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC). Danish public clients are required to demand delivery of 3D/BIM models in IFC format. Gravicon DK can provide support on how a designer or contractor can comply with the requirements. Consultancy is available through courses, training or ongoing assistance throughout the project. Advice is offered on both management and operational levels in the use of IFC in companies and projects with multiple parties.

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Consultancy bim

Gravicon DK provides consultancy in connection with the planning and implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) strategies for parties in the building industry. Implementation of BIM cannot be viewed in isolation as it affects many of the company's practices and roles. It is therefore necessary to involve both organisational and technical aspects to achieve successful implementation.

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